December 2008, worst NIGHTMARE

I just gave my 3rd semester exams of my masters course and was busy hunting jobs, internships to be more precise which constituted my 4th and thankfully last semester.After not being able to get one in Pune,I shifted my base to my home in Kolkata to get one.It was an impulsive decision as I thought that I would be home to accomplish my long-pending to-do list of getting Passport done,learning driving,getting Voter-Card to name some along with finishing off my internship.But who knew that I was also getting myself into troubles brought by my dad [all for wrong reasons].I knew he was being friendly to opposite sex for friendships,but I took it to be in healthy way,which I was made to understand by dad and the ladies [ my grave mistake which I figured out very soon ].After my mom’s death,dad thought of making some women friends so that my sister’s teenage related problems can be better addressed [ atleast that’s what it sounded to me ].Now,after coming back I realised that nothing is what it seems to be.Shocking revealations one after another shattered the happy family notion I was having and bitter rows and confrontations started.Our Nilimashi and Jayanti [ have been working for us after mom’s death and have become a part of our family,always supporting and being there for us during both good and bad times ] told about all married women befriending dad for their own selfish desires and have been trying to take advantage of our empty house.I was horrified to find that outsiders were influencing dad and taking part in house-making decisions.These ladies behaving as if they are the owner of the house and trying to get rid of people who are opposing their growing influence [ including me of course,still dont believe when I was asked about when I will be leaving house i.e going back to Pune.They hated me being near,dont blame them either as I always made their life hell ].My sister was oblivious to everything around her,can’t blame her either as she was bribed with books,movies,food and she got away with her flunking in studies too.Everybody was happy except me.Thankfully I mustered enough courage to confide to one of my closest paternal uncle and aunty who informed rest of the relatives and started knocking some sense to dad.Meantime,I was getting into ugly rows and got the ladies banned from visiting us or talking to us.In the meantime,got beaten up by dad and sister joined in too [ still sad and unhappy that even my sister didn’t support me when I was right and had all proofs about it. ]This was definitely worst memories and one cannot easily forget.All this was taking place on home-front.On professional front ,I got myself an internship in one of the start-up companies.My letter showed me working on my favourite domain,now that was a different thing that the company didnt have the technologies and was desperately trying to get funds to get them.So,I was assigned the task of making a comparative case study of all technologies and submit a report.And,thats it.That was my internship [ can you believe it? ].So I was unhappy about the way my internship was turning out and started having nightmares about failing my 4th semester [ internship viva /project in college ].Health wise,I started suffering back-pain [lower spinal cord] all thanks to the beating and was busy visiting hospitals for X-rays,medicines.IT WAS ONE HELL OF A MONTH.Thankfully I survived.Never missed my mom so much like I missed her during this period.