Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, holds true for me

Believe me , its true . I’m serious .

All right , keep coming back for more posts from my side , and you shall get to know . I will be talking about my encounters with nasty people , how I got even and so on .

This blog post can’t accommodate so many incidents , don’t you think so ?

I can only say this , never ever mess with a person’s life , emotions or you shall deeply regret it afterwards < I shall definitely see to it personally , that you have been made aware of your mistakes . If you repent ,we might be cool or don’t bother keeping in touch later . >

I know it’s bad for health to nurse grudges and getting even but if wounds run too deep , one simply can’t do anything about it .

If mistake is for the first time , one can definitely let it go with reminder . But if the person likes offending time and again , one can’t let it go , at least I can’t if it messes with my life .

BEWARE……..yeah that’s the word I can only say if you are up to no good.

Kate Beckett and Richard Castle, yeah what about them?

Ric and kate

Ric and Kate

You might be wondering , who the hell are these people anyway ?

Well , Castle characters from Star World …rings any bell ? 😀

So , what about them ?

Well , I like the sitcom and specially these two characters .

I find myself like Kate in many aspects . She’s complete no-nonsense girl , having traumatic past , cute , witty . Had similar haircut which she has , yeah kinda you can say 😉 I do sound like a NUT , ain’t I ? Unbelievable yet true ….digest that 😛

As for Richard , well I love that guy . He’s cute , rich , fair , handsome , tall , great talker , softie . If he was a bit less nosy , I would have loved to marry such a guy like him [  iWish ]

I love detective work like anything , complete turn on man…anytime .

And yes , Ryan , Esposito , Lanie , Martha and Alexis are good too . How can I forget them ? All of them are too good , wished people like them were my neighbours instead of lousy people I have now 😐

caught in the under taw

Hmm….memories and more memories…

What to say ?

I was so happy and excited that I can’t explain my feelings / emotions here.

It was difficult but I succeeded in convincing my dad that it was okay , I can manage and should join the company in Bombay ….my first job

Whats more ? Well , my Boss was of same age and we shared same birthday [ day , date and month ; thankfully he was born in the morning and me during evening time ] . And yes , how to forget our numerological craze for Number 3 . We were crazy and we were similar yet differed in many ways .

Office was pretty cool , my colleagues were too and my Boss was just plain awesome , liked him .

Everybody was so helpful and tried to make me feel at home . Loved those  months . I learned a lot from them , got to know many things and still nurse a want of getting back to that nice cozy office .

About my colleagues:-

  • TC :- She was queer . At times she used to make us believe that she’s a complete party animal , she will invite you to her home , share food , etc but when it came to actually practice what she preached..she differed . She behaved like she is homely kid and doesn’t know a thing happening around her. Difficult to digest , eh ? Yeah , freenemy [friend-enemy] kinds ,that’s how I can sum her up.
  • RuM :-  She’s the boss after Raj . Brain behind the company . She is the one who does all bitching , firing and all nasty stuff . She was kinda spoilt , haughty and bossy . Can act friendly , but not your friend [ like that , difficult to explain , u see ]
  • RD :-  Yeah , he’s the man . Friendly , talkative , hyper-active , nosy… in short …he’s the male version of myself . Our differences :- he’s filthy rich and I’m just plain jane middle-class gal trying my luck in Land of Dreams,Bombay . He’s cute and adorable and flirt
  • Abhi :- He’s  dead serious , workaholic , foodie and quiet [ as a mouse u can say , not his fault though coz raj made him over-work ] . Very gifted writer .
  • JM :- Completely mad , sarcastic , funny and brings life in the office . Too Cool . Whole day god knows what he did , but after 7PM he works till 9Pm. Yeah, that’s how he liked to work in the office . Always the last one to leave and the last one to turn up at office .
  • Mr. Awesome Dude :- If he liked anything in the office whether its work , website , logo , video , etc  “awesome”  is the word which he used freely . Workaholic and loves working 24*7 . And yes , Ruch’s best buddy in office . Whenever they got free time , they would start talking in their native language annoying the hell out of Raj . It was fun watching how Raj used to get back at them for one stupid reason or another , it was funny.
  • LK :- Yeah , part-timer junior who used insisted on sitting beside me , to poke his nose in my work , make comments and afterwards on Facebook tells me that I’m stuck-up [ o_O  ] .
  • SK :- He was a real piece of work . Considered himself  a super-man and insisted on doing every work whether it came in his job description or not . Loved to give lecture to women in office about importance of learning cooking , etc and insisted that we , ladies treated office with own-cooked food [ WTH ] .

Yeah , it was startup company and we were 9 employees that time . But it was fun working with all of them .

iWonder whether they remember me or not . Maybe not . People come and go , its people like me who seems to remember it seems and try keeping in touch . [ Sigh ]

All about Sweta’s kid sister :- Neha, my roomie

When I first met her :-

Well , she seemed just another normal or average kid who came all the way from Bihar to Pune for better career prospects .

Soon found out :-

She isn’t what she looked like . She was notorious for doing something due to which her father  had to shell around 50,000 to get her admitted around November in Pune so that she can give her Class Xth board exams  in next year .

Soon she started giving us trouble by :-

  • Dating local miscreants and stirring up trouble
  • Falling for bad company
  • Instead of studying trying to date 2-3 people at the same time earning disapproval from not only her elder sister but also from society
  • Trying to commit suicide , just for the heck of proving her point < more than once >

She stayed for less than 6 months in my PG and was one of my Nutter kiddo roomies one can have . She had home-problems and talked how she disliked her mom , bro , other members of family for this-reason that-reason . She disliked how the society where we had our PG was stopping her from doing this and that < our neighbours were pesky and nosy , but this time it seemed that they were doing the right thing for a change >

She despised her elder sister <who studied with me> and to cause grief tried to kill herself by jumping from second floor terrace , just before the day of our externals . Thats a different thing she survived with mild injuries and was able to get her admitted to hospital at around 4AM in the morning and both her elder sister and myself managed to give our External Exam at 10AM .

After she returned from hospital , she started talking about her past trying to prove her act or maybe trying to get some sympathy from her room-mates to support her .

We came to know she liked someone in Bihar < neighbor , bad character , family didn’t approve  > and became famous for all the wrong reasons . To do damage control and to avoid dis-continuation in her studies she came to Pune under her elder sister’s care to grow academically . She resented all of this and to take revenge , she fell for another baddie local crook and to make a point tried committing suicide so that everybody takes her seriously. But she was careful enough to survive the fall to see her plan being a success.

Imagine my horror and anger after hearing this . Still remember when I shouted at her saying , ” You interested in getting yourself killed, do so at a place where we are not there around trying to save you . And make sure you don’t die during night-time , I hate waking up at the middle of my sleep to find such nasty surprises . And yes , next time if you ever try repeating the stunt and manage to survive …I SHALL MYSELF KILL YOU ” ……This did it < I Suppose >, after that she never talked or tried doing anything . Our landlord might have heard the commotion and informed their parents to take her away after her boards as they didn’t want any trouble in the PG.

She tried to stay touch with me via Orkut but I ignored both their sisters’ friend requests as I do not wish to keep such bad influencers around . Such people take out positivity , optimism and life out of me….who wants hopelessness and all bad things surrounding oneself ? It definitely doesn’t give one’s confidence a boost , not to me at least .

Recounting Pop Tates – Powai , Mumbai tale

It was April End of 2009 . I had one backlog paper of 3rd semester. I came from Kolkata to Pune to give the exam. It was the final exam and after that I was  done giving external papers of college. After giving exam , I had few days . I left for Mumbai on May 1st to meet Shipra [ Met her when I went to Mumbai to take part in cultural fest of one of the colleges there in KanjunMarg. ] . As she was busy meeting one of her crush from IIM-Calcutta , I gave a buzz to Bharat  [ he’s cousin of one of my seniors ] . He invited me to Pop-Tates and join him with his friends there . After arriving there I realised I was invited in a guy’s hangout place [ Bar ] . I went to lounge section by Bharat where he introduced me to Karan Ahuja and Atul Thange . They were having Beers and watching India’s cricket match with …[ forgot the name of the opponent team ] .  I was asked to join them to having Beer , initially hesitated and gave in after sometime. After having one peg , I got drunk . The boys realised it and Bharat started making advances . Thankfully I was little high and refused to have another peg .  Karan acted like a true gentleman that time and I had instant crush on him [ still do , in spite of knowing that he has a girlfriend ; we keep in touch and are good friends  ] . Around 10:30 PM we wrapped up everything and started to leave. Bharat offered lift and both of us got into auto . There he tried making advances and wanted to take advantage of the situation but couldn’t as I was conscious and managed to reach Shipra’s flat safely . Later on Shipra  made me aware of such malpractices which were rampant there and advised me to stay careful. After this incident neither I met those guys again and kept my conversation on gtalk / cellphone cordial and formal. That was one night and still remember that nightmarish experience .

Deb Proposes

Q :- Who Deb  ?

A:- He is from 2003 batch of Post-Graduate  course in my college

Q :- How we met ?

A:- Thats a very good question. Can’t place him in memory . Never been acquainted in college via common friends neither we talked during our college days.Last I remember ,  to invite our college alumni to our annual technical extravaganza I took the initiative of inviting them via Orkut Scraps. While Scrapping , some Alumni recognised me from college and sent friendship requests which I accepted out of courtesy [ that’s a different thing I couldn’t place them in memory. ] That’ s how we first chatted on social networking site.

He got my Gmail address and sent gtalk request which I accepted too [ I shouldn’t have , realised later ] . Within first few chats it became obvious that he happens to know things which a stalker can only know . [ He was in his last year of college when I joined the college , he was campussed in Mumbai ; We never met in college , talked or had common friends ; Also , I was put off by some seniors from college who used to stalk and unfortunately or fortunately few were in his Batch ] . And GTalk conversations soon turned out one-sided with him talking about his likes/dislikes [ and forced matching with my likes / dislikes ] and his opinions of me based on observation , etc [ Stalking modes he didn’t divulge much ] . But the worst was yet to come . Suddenly one night on GTalk he proposed that he loves me . When I logged off to ignore the awkward uncomfortable situation , he called me up around 12 midnight to say ” I know that you are a very cultured, homely good woman from respectable background. As I was brought up mostly out of Bengal , my Bengali is not good . But I wish to have my children know about their roots , our Bengali culture and for that I wish to marry you . As in arranged marriage , the person will be completely unknown I wish to ask you for our mutual benefit.” I was and in still in daze how to answer to this kind of proposal . I muttered “Thanks” and put my phone down by saying its very late at night and I intend to go to bed. He thought I was upset and tried apologising and I assured it was fine .

But he still intends to marry and notified me that he will be approaching me after a year about marriage [ most probably from family , I have no idea whether he has my address or not ;Hoping he doesn’t] .

Now I’m in dilemma. I can’t remember him . I don’t feel connected when we talked .

How much do I know about him ? Absolutely nothing

How much does he know about me ? How much a person can know via stalking?

Should I marry a stalker ? I get Bad vibes when I hear about stalking and stalkers. Sorry , its creepy. I don’t support it.

Shouldn’t one feel connected ? Neither of us know much about other to like or fall in love forget about mental / emotional connection .

All about Sony, my sweet roomie

When I was studying in Pune , she stayed in my PG and stayed in adjacent room . She was quiet , peaceful , independent and punctual . She was good at maths and loved playing Free Cell computer game . She was like me in some respects like being independent , foodie , enjoying traveling ,shopping alone irrespective anybody joined or not . We spent good times together and did shopping , eating out ,watching movies to name some of the activities. She was a gem of a person . But both of us had common enemy as in Bihari Sisters who used to pick on everybody around as rest of us were alone as compared to them . Still remember how she used to go to bed at 8 PM and woke at 5Am in the morning . Had lunch and dinner pretty early. We fussed about her cooking of dried fish which used to stink like hell . But she was good at heart and always tried to help people around. Miss her . Good natured people like her are so hard to find . I always cherish people having such qualities and value their company . having such people around is therapeutic and makes you believe that humanity is not lost .