Alcohol Abuse

I am not an alcohol person and despised it. During my childhood used to see dad getting drunk on social functions and then throwing up. Those are some real disgusting memories one can carry . Thankfully he used to clear his mess . One such occasion , out of curiosity I asked dad what he was drinking and wanted to have one sip. Everybody around was looking at me and wondered how my dad would react . After much reluctance he allowed me to have a sip of whiskey . Must admit , it tasted awful and left real bad taste in my mouth . After that life was near normal until my higher education pursuit led me to Pune city . During one of management quiz fests had Red Bull [ It was the official sponsor of the event and served it along wid evening snacks ] . It didn’t stink but it didn’t taste good either . Gave a high for brief period and felt lighter . After that , during my Post-Graduation  Fresher Party our immediate seniors recommended a drink which contained Rum with coke . I had half a glass , fearing I might get drunk and my mouth will start stinking. That time I stayed in PG and our landlord was strict and it wasn’t allowed [ Also they had the habit of calling up parents to complain at the slightest pretext , annoying ] . When I was in my last year of Post Graduation , a girl immediate junior to me became my PG-Roommate . She was drunkard and was infamous in Nagpur for which her parents shifted her base from Nagpur to Pune. She introduced me to  various flavors of vodka and gin. She used to buy liquor for consumption and myself and another girl used to check whether our landlord wasn’t around to catch hold of our acts in our room . Almost all the time I had it by diluting to the most with Sprite to avoid drunken state . It was risky and fun too .  After completing my studies , went to Mumbai to meet Shipra one of my friends . During that time had Beer with Bharat , Karan and Atul at Pop-Tates watching Cricket Match , rooting for India & betting on performances with hot sizzler.  After that no alcoholic episodes took place till date . Hoping to keep up this state , lets see.

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