All about Sony, my sweet roomie

When I was studying in Pune , she stayed in my PG and stayed in adjacent room . She was quiet , peaceful , independent and punctual . She was good at maths and loved playing Free Cell computer game . She was like me in some respects like being independent , foodie , enjoying traveling ,shopping alone irrespective anybody joined or not . We spent good times together and did shopping , eating out ,watching movies to name some of the activities. She was a gem of a person . But both of us had common enemy as in Bihari Sisters who used to pick on everybody around as rest of us were alone as compared to them . Still remember how she used to go to bed at 8 PM and woke at 5Am in the morning . Had lunch and dinner pretty early. We fussed about her cooking of dried fish which used to stink like hell . But she was good at heart and always tried to help people around. Miss her . Good natured people like her are so hard to find . I always cherish people having such qualities and value their company . having such people around is therapeutic and makes you believe that humanity is not lost .

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