Deb Proposes

Q :- Who Deb  ?

A:- He is from 2003 batch of Post-Graduate  course in my college

Q :- How we met ?

A:- Thats a very good question. Can’t place him in memory . Never been acquainted in college via common friends neither we talked during our college days.Last I remember ,  to invite our college alumni to our annual technical extravaganza I took the initiative of inviting them via Orkut Scraps. While Scrapping , some Alumni recognised me from college and sent friendship requests which I accepted out of courtesy [ that’s a different thing I couldn’t place them in memory. ] That’ s how we first chatted on social networking site.

He got my Gmail address and sent gtalk request which I accepted too [ I shouldn’t have , realised later ] . Within first few chats it became obvious that he happens to know things which a stalker can only know . [ He was in his last year of college when I joined the college , he was campussed in Mumbai ; We never met in college , talked or had common friends ; Also , I was put off by some seniors from college who used to stalk and unfortunately or fortunately few were in his Batch ] . And GTalk conversations soon turned out one-sided with him talking about his likes/dislikes [ and forced matching with my likes / dislikes ] and his opinions of me based on observation , etc [ Stalking modes he didn’t divulge much ] . But the worst was yet to come . Suddenly one night on GTalk he proposed that he loves me . When I logged off to ignore the awkward uncomfortable situation , he called me up around 12 midnight to say ” I know that you are a very cultured, homely good woman from respectable background. As I was brought up mostly out of Bengal , my Bengali is not good . But I wish to have my children know about their roots , our Bengali culture and for that I wish to marry you . As in arranged marriage , the person will be completely unknown I wish to ask you for our mutual benefit.” I was and in still in daze how to answer to this kind of proposal . I muttered “Thanks” and put my phone down by saying its very late at night and I intend to go to bed. He thought I was upset and tried apologising and I assured it was fine .

But he still intends to marry and notified me that he will be approaching me after a year about marriage [ most probably from family , I have no idea whether he has my address or not ;Hoping he doesn’t] .

Now I’m in dilemma. I can’t remember him . I don’t feel connected when we talked .

How much do I know about him ? Absolutely nothing

How much does he know about me ? How much a person can know via stalking?

Should I marry a stalker ? I get Bad vibes when I hear about stalking and stalkers. Sorry , its creepy. I don’t support it.

Shouldn’t one feel connected ? Neither of us know much about other to like or fall in love forget about mental / emotional connection .

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