Recounting Pop Tates – Powai , Mumbai tale

It was April End of 2009 . I had one backlog paper of 3rd semester. I came from Kolkata to Pune to give the exam. It was the final exam and after that I was  done giving external papers of college. After giving exam , I had few days . I left for Mumbai on May 1st to meet Shipra [ Met her when I went to Mumbai to take part in cultural fest of one of the colleges there in KanjunMarg. ] . As she was busy meeting one of her crush from IIM-Calcutta , I gave a buzz to Bharat  [ he’s cousin of one of my seniors ] . He invited me to Pop-Tates and join him with his friends there . After arriving there I realised I was invited in a guy’s hangout place [ Bar ] . I went to lounge section by Bharat where he introduced me to Karan Ahuja and Atul Thange . They were having Beers and watching India’s cricket match with …[ forgot the name of the opponent team ] .  I was asked to join them to having Beer , initially hesitated and gave in after sometime. After having one peg , I got drunk . The boys realised it and Bharat started making advances . Thankfully I was little high and refused to have another peg .  Karan acted like a true gentleman that time and I had instant crush on him [ still do , in spite of knowing that he has a girlfriend ; we keep in touch and are good friends  ] . Around 10:30 PM we wrapped up everything and started to leave. Bharat offered lift and both of us got into auto . There he tried making advances and wanted to take advantage of the situation but couldn’t as I was conscious and managed to reach Shipra’s flat safely . Later on Shipra  made me aware of such malpractices which were rampant there and advised me to stay careful. After this incident neither I met those guys again and kept my conversation on gtalk / cellphone cordial and formal. That was one night and still remember that nightmarish experience .

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