All about Sweta’s kid sister :- Neha, my roomie

When I first met her :-

Well , she seemed just another normal or average kid who came all the way from Bihar to Pune for better career prospects .

Soon found out :-

She isn’t what she looked like . She was notorious for doing something due to which her father  had to shell around 50,000 to get her admitted around November in Pune so that she can give her Class Xth board exams  in next year .

Soon she started giving us trouble by :-

  • Dating local miscreants and stirring up trouble
  • Falling for bad company
  • Instead of studying trying to date 2-3 people at the same time earning disapproval from not only her elder sister but also from society
  • Trying to commit suicide , just for the heck of proving her point < more than once >

She stayed for less than 6 months in my PG and was one of my Nutter kiddo roomies one can have . She had home-problems and talked how she disliked her mom , bro , other members of family for this-reason that-reason . She disliked how the society where we had our PG was stopping her from doing this and that < our neighbours were pesky and nosy , but this time it seemed that they were doing the right thing for a change >

She despised her elder sister <who studied with me> and to cause grief tried to kill herself by jumping from second floor terrace , just before the day of our externals . Thats a different thing she survived with mild injuries and was able to get her admitted to hospital at around 4AM in the morning and both her elder sister and myself managed to give our External Exam at 10AM .

After she returned from hospital , she started talking about her past trying to prove her act or maybe trying to get some sympathy from her room-mates to support her .

We came to know she liked someone in Bihar < neighbor , bad character , family didn’t approve  > and became famous for all the wrong reasons . To do damage control and to avoid dis-continuation in her studies she came to Pune under her elder sister’s care to grow academically . She resented all of this and to take revenge , she fell for another baddie local crook and to make a point tried committing suicide so that everybody takes her seriously. But she was careful enough to survive the fall to see her plan being a success.

Imagine my horror and anger after hearing this . Still remember when I shouted at her saying , ” You interested in getting yourself killed, do so at a place where we are not there around trying to save you . And make sure you don’t die during night-time , I hate waking up at the middle of my sleep to find such nasty surprises . And yes , next time if you ever try repeating the stunt and manage to survive …I SHALL MYSELF KILL YOU ” ……This did it < I Suppose >, after that she never talked or tried doing anything . Our landlord might have heard the commotion and informed their parents to take her away after her boards as they didn’t want any trouble in the PG.

She tried to stay touch with me via Orkut but I ignored both their sisters’ friend requests as I do not wish to keep such bad influencers around . Such people take out positivity , optimism and life out of me….who wants hopelessness and all bad things surrounding oneself ? It definitely doesn’t give one’s confidence a boost , not to me at least .

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