caught in the under taw

Hmm….memories and more memories…

What to say ?

I was so happy and excited that I can’t explain my feelings / emotions here.

It was difficult but I succeeded in convincing my dad that it was okay , I can manage and should join the company in Bombay ….my first job

Whats more ? Well , my Boss was of same age and we shared same birthday [ day , date and month ; thankfully he was born in the morning and me during evening time ] . And yes , how to forget our numerological craze for Number 3 . We were crazy and we were similar yet differed in many ways .

Office was pretty cool , my colleagues were too and my Boss was just plain awesome , liked him .

Everybody was so helpful and tried to make me feel at home . Loved those  months . I learned a lot from them , got to know many things and still nurse a want of getting back to that nice cozy office .

About my colleagues:-

  • TC :- She was queer . At times she used to make us believe that she’s a complete party animal , she will invite you to her home , share food , etc but when it came to actually practice what she preached..she differed . She behaved like she is homely kid and doesn’t know a thing happening around her. Difficult to digest , eh ? Yeah , freenemy [friend-enemy] kinds ,that’s how I can sum her up.
  • RuM :-  She’s the boss after Raj . Brain behind the company . She is the one who does all bitching , firing and all nasty stuff . She was kinda spoilt , haughty and bossy . Can act friendly , but not your friend [ like that , difficult to explain , u see ]
  • RD :-  Yeah , he’s the man . Friendly , talkative , hyper-active , nosy… in short …he’s the male version of myself . Our differences :- he’s filthy rich and I’m just plain jane middle-class gal trying my luck in Land of Dreams,Bombay . He’s cute and adorable and flirt
  • Abhi :- He’s  dead serious , workaholic , foodie and quiet [ as a mouse u can say , not his fault though coz raj made him over-work ] . Very gifted writer .
  • JM :- Completely mad , sarcastic , funny and brings life in the office . Too Cool . Whole day god knows what he did , but after 7PM he works till 9Pm. Yeah, that’s how he liked to work in the office . Always the last one to leave and the last one to turn up at office .
  • Mr. Awesome Dude :- If he liked anything in the office whether its work , website , logo , video , etc  “awesome”  is the word which he used freely . Workaholic and loves working 24*7 . And yes , Ruch’s best buddy in office . Whenever they got free time , they would start talking in their native language annoying the hell out of Raj . It was fun watching how Raj used to get back at them for one stupid reason or another , it was funny.
  • LK :- Yeah , part-timer junior who used insisted on sitting beside me , to poke his nose in my work , make comments and afterwards on Facebook tells me that I’m stuck-up [ o_O  ] .
  • SK :- He was a real piece of work . Considered himself  a super-man and insisted on doing every work whether it came in his job description or not . Loved to give lecture to women in office about importance of learning cooking , etc and insisted that we , ladies treated office with own-cooked food [ WTH ] .

Yeah , it was startup company and we were 9 employees that time . But it was fun working with all of them .

iWonder whether they remember me or not . Maybe not . People come and go , its people like me who seems to remember it seems and try keeping in touch . [ Sigh ]

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