Hell has no fury like a woman scorned, holds true for me

Believe me , its true . I’m serious .

All right , keep coming back for more posts from my side , and you shall get to know . I will be talking about my encounters with nasty people , how I got even and so on .

This blog post can’t accommodate so many incidents , don’t you think so ?

I can only say this , never ever mess with a person’s life , emotions or you shall deeply regret it afterwards < I shall definitely see to it personally , that you have been made aware of your mistakes . If you repent ,we might be cool or don’t bother keeping in touch later . >

I know it’s bad for health to nurse grudges and getting even but if wounds run too deep , one simply can’t do anything about it .

If mistake is for the first time , one can definitely let it go with reminder . But if the person likes offending time and again , one can’t let it go , at least I can’t if it messes with my life .

BEWARE……..yeah that’s the word I can only say if you are up to no good.

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