Kate Beckett and Richard Castle, yeah what about them?

Ric and kate

Ric and Kate

You might be wondering , who the hell are these people anyway ?

Well , Castle characters from Star World …rings any bell ? πŸ˜€

So , what about them ?

Well , I like the sitcom and specially these two characters .

I find myself like Kate in many aspects . She’s complete no-nonsense girl , having traumatic past , cute , witty . Had similar haircut which she has , yeah kinda you can say πŸ˜‰ I do sound like a NUT , ain’t I ? Unbelievable yet true ….digest that πŸ˜›

As for Richard , well I love that guy . He’s cute , rich , fair , handsome , tall , great talker , softie . If he was a bit less nosy , I would have loved to marry such a guy like him [Β  iWish ]

I love detective work like anything , complete turn on man…anytime .

And yes , Ryan , Esposito , Lanie , Martha and Alexis are good too . How can I forget them ? All of them are too good , wished people like them were my neighbours instead of lousy people I have now 😐

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