Conserve, Recycle and Discover

It was Regional Science Exhibition in Eastern India and my school was the host .

All my teachers were very excited and everybody was busy inspiring students to come up with ideas for the event . As we wanted to win .

I was enthusiastic and wanted to take part as I loved participating in events and contests .

I wanted to do something from already existing materials and started thinking .

What to do ? How to do ? With least cost too .

Our family keeps visiting hospitals as we all do not keep ourselves in best of health and every time we get ourselves doing X-Ray for some part of the body or other . We had many X-Ray plates lying around the house that time .

I tried drawing on one of the plates and tried crayons , water colors  to see if the color stayed . It didn’t . So , chances of doing a scenery / drawing failed miserably .

Then I tried putting Camlin Sparkle and it stayed on X-Ray plates . I went ahead and made greeting cards of various shapes and sizes with various drawings and having Camlin Sparkle as colors.

Not only that , I also made visiting cards with only golden-name-stickers on it . As the stickers took much of the space , I settled down with only names and place in the cards.

Needless to say  I represented Chemistry Department of my school . I was in Class XI that time . Although I didn’t win but my work did get noticed . And I was happy with that 🙂

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