Back after months & giving marriage of batchmate a MISS

Its been months that I have come back to my blog again. Lots of things happened in the meantime. Job, shifting base, meeting new people, exploring new freelance opportunities…. and so on. I was online, though. Checked mails, Facebook, LinkedIn and twitter. That’s it. What did I miss? Did i miss anything. Well, I will be missing one batchmate’s marriage tomorrow though. Till date, I haven’t been able to attend any marriages of my seniors/ batchmates…and the record is intact  so far.  Am I sorry? No. Do I feel like missing anything? Maybe yes. But, who cares. One thing I know, I am getting to avoid unpleasant college people whom I might bump into such marriages….whom I would like to avoid. That’s a FACT. Believe it or not, on KC’s marriage tomorrow one such creep is arriving with his 2 crime-partners. Always gave hell when I was in college and was class informer. Too glad that I don’t have to see his face again after leaving college in 2008.

Today, my mailbox also threw some surprises! It was full of job and freelance opportunities for a CHANGE, and that too good ones. Hmm…happy for a change seeing my inbox. Time to apply n get started.

And yes, PG  is  empty and  peace prevails. FOR A CHANGE. Loving this quiet serene atmosphere in my fab duplex PG.


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