Dating Rules, which I follow

  • Never date stalkers/ offenders. Such creeps don’t deserve it. They will never ever muster courage to talk straight but can only derive pleasure by indirect bullying i.e stalking. Big turn-off for me. believe it or not, my college super-seniors gave a real hard time to me when I was a fresher. Scared the hell out of me. Made me feel uneasy and my mom worried herself sick over it. Maybe that’s why, she became ill later on and died. I blame it on my stalkers partly for this for giving such tension and haven’t forgiven them. That’s a different thing, these shameless jerks have no regrets EVEN NOW.
  • Guys who make you feel uncomfortable/ uneasy.
  • Guys who doesn’t respect women and who try to take advantage.
  • The way you propose.

These are the main rules. Rest, well you can afford to give some slack if the guy is worth it. Isn’t it so? And most importantly, always go for instincts and your gut feeling. They will never let you down. 🙂

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