Getting back in touch wid an Ex-Ari

Well, it isn’t difficult being friends with your ex-es. Provided the person is mature enough to accept the reality. I don’t remember dating this guy. But yes, he did show an interest in me and wanted to go ahead further. I didn’t reciprocate and he backed off with dignity. I admire that. That’s the first time I met such a guy, surprisingly one of my college seniors [ When there were some seniors who were stalking and acting like creeps ], it was a welcome relief. Initially, I felt awkward, but he made me feel at ease and we keep in touch. Recently, I applied for Research Fellow position and later found that he was in the same organisation. I contacted and we talked for sometime about it, our lives and old college days. It was good. He said that he might be visiting Bangalore to meet his sister and asked whether we can meet and catch up. Looking forward to the meet.



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