Blogging from Office

Daring, you bet!

As it’s a startup and there are only 2 more employees ( Founders of the company ), one can take liberties at times….what say 😉

Today is the day when I’m doing what I do not do usually.

Instead of turning up for work at 9 A.M, I came around 1 P.M.

Why? Woke up late at 11 A.M.

Had breakfast, lunch and medicines for cold and came for work.

Within an hour, my 2 Bosses left for meeting.

As  there’s not much work to do, I listened to music, applied to jobs, surfed Net, networked, downloaded e-books and now listening to my favorite songs.

Tempted to leave Office but instead blogging and shall leave at 6 P.M as that’s my office timing 🙂


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