31st December 2010

Started the day by waking up late. Went to office grudgingly. Secretly wished for the day to end perfectly. Had little or no work in office which was suitable utilised by wishing other people – friends, acquaintances, relatives, etc on net.Got leave by 5 PM in the evening. Went to Big Bazar and did loads of shopping. Got rid of an annoying PG-Mate from PG and one troublemaker pg-mate left for mini tour. The whole PG was left for ourselves- Me and Stuti. We watched our favorite programs on TV. Had Whiskey, junk food 🙂

Big Bazar n Whiskey Woes!

  • Date :- 31-12-2010
  • Venue :- Big Bazar, old Madras Rd, Bangalore
  • Mission :- Do monthly grocery shopping of food, Buying Whiskey for celebrating the New Yr and do some time-pass
  • Went With :- Stutee
  • The Story :-

Our offices were open and we didn’t get holidays. Day dragged with little or no work at all. Utilised the day by wishing everybody new year on the net itself. After that got to leave office early around 5 PM. gave Stuti a buzz for going. Till now day was going fine.

At the liquor shop inside the Big Bazar, we asked for small bottle of whiskey, little realising that there were many varieties and options. The shop-keeper grilled for next 10 minutes regarding same. What type of whiskey? if neat, then what?  If Scotch,what? Brands? Finally resigned by saying McDowell’s Whiskey and left the shop. Made a mental note of coming next time prepared for such interview type quest