A.A n J.J of Poti

Morons is the word which might describe them best. Have very high regard of themselves. Perfect snobs and can’t accept their faults at all. And the best is yet to come, they would like to make another fellow the scapegoat and bundle the poor fellow with all earthly miseries.

Yes, that’s why they are the owners of the org. ( or what ever it is )

After seeing that I have adjusted to the nature of work, and doing very well. Gave me bad trouble by making me run after their CA, handling mis-managed accounts and what not. After this, who remains sane? Obviously you will tend to make mistakes if you are doing dirty work which needs to be handled by your bosses, not YOU. So, what do I get in return? Sacked, during appraisal time. Bonus :- I will be getting relieving letter instead of Termination Letter.

What a befitting justice?

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