1 month of unemployment in Bangalore

It’s been a little over a month and lots of things have happened. Many things changed – around and myself. I have been introspecting a lot nowadays it seems. Feeling little lonely and a sense of emptiness overwhelms me nowadays. Still haven’t figured out how to fill this vacuum šŸ˜¦

Initially felt liberated and took good rest and nursed my health back to normalcy. Wen to home for 15 days to feel refreshed andĀ energized.

After that have been actively searching for job and the hunt is still on. Feels bad to see that people getting plum jobs with little bit of trickery, forgery, favors and all. Here I am, on my path of righteousness, trying to prove something ( always ) and trying to land a job on my terms and conditions without any of the things done by the rest.

Seriously, what stuff I am made up of? Haven’t been broken after failures, disappointments and heartbreaks and dealing with tons of crap as compared to the rest. When will this all end and i get some peace of mind.

My sister as usual is unavailable and unreachable over phone and net. my dad gone all bonkers and calling me up and texting every few hrs to see if I am well or not.

As for the rest of the good-for-nothing friends and relatives, everybody have vanished to thin air and there is emptiness all around me.