Surfing net @ ASPL office

When I was in previous project, we had to login to client portal using Citrix login. Over there all social networking sites used to open. It was slow, but it was worth it. Only thing was we had to clear history and cookies so that clients do not get to know about it. Not to mention that not opening the sites in front of our managers. Most of them had objections and very few cool managers had problems with it. Those were fun days! But after getting into this new one, it’s completely different. Here we sit in front of managers and meeting rooms. Half of the time clients are paying visits. Not only that senior executives do drop by once in a while. In short one has to be in complete attention mode 24*5 mentally prepared for anything at any time. Oh, by the way systems downtime happens at the drop of the hat here. So half of the time you will find us in the middle of 2-3 systems down with mails/calls/tools flooded with users/clients asking for help! In short life rocks! So, in the middle of all this, forget social networking via internet! That’s not happening here as sites are blocked! 


Yeah, they did provide us internet kiosks in cafeteria and break-out zones but that has real attitude problem. It will open Facebook only during fridays. As for other sites *conditions apply*

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