Friday felt like Friday for a change

Yeah, unbelievable yet true. As I’m in training. There s nothing to do whole day, except stare at other’s systems. Wasted time. All managers and supervisors were busy planning parties outside office, so either they were physically absent or mentally. It was good actually. The day flew very fast. Was feeling light and relaxed on Friday – that’s a first after months may be. Usually It used be like this in my previous project.


One slight disturbance in the whole day or highlight that stood out :-

I was actually working from someone else’s system when suddenly the manager rose from his seat and stood behind me to check what i was upto. He called me by my name and asked,”Are you taking chats?”

I was startled and when I looked up I saw his face looking intently at me. Went blank for a second but later on did get my courage back to inform I was actually working under someone’s supervision and wasn’t logged in my system.

He just listened and went away. Don’t know whether he approved or disapproved what I did.Anyways, Deepu will be informing me that on Monday I’m pretty sure about that.


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