Lazy saturday

Woke up late around 8.45 AM, only to realize I’m feeling weak and lethargic. Dozed off again, only to wake up on dad’s call from office. He informed me about management quota rates that the colleges were asking for my sister’s admission. Ramiah asked 12 lakhs, Dayanand college 6 lakhs, MVJ college 4 lakhs and Oxford college 1 lakh. As if they are selling diamonds. Unbelievable! They don’t even care about entrance exams the candidate is giving and all. That’s the state in Bangalore. Well! Tried to think for sometime, what to say or do. Couldn’t come up with anything, so dozed off again. Tried waking up around 1PM, ordered Biryani and gobi manchurian and again went of sleep in the afternoon. After that in the evening watched Supernatural series in star world for sometime and left for Big BAzar to to finish off monthly grocery shopping. 

Now surfing net – Facebook,Gmail,Gtalk, Naukri and wordpress blogging in progress.


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