“Eating” Friday!

Yay! It’s Friday! And it was friday indeed. No managers around. Longest breaks ever. Having fun on the floor. Supervisors trying to turn a blind eye on everything. That’s what it seemed. Will get to know on Tuesday what’s the outcome. Whether they really turned a blind eye or they are blasting in meeting rooms. 

Everyone brought food on the floor whole day and at any given point we would be eating…biscuits,chips,peanuts,Pepsi…u name it we had it. For lunch had Chicken Biryani 😀

Sagu turned up for office and invited to her bay. Had fish fry, masala fish, chicken fry, mango rice, methi pulao,gulab jamun…yummy. Yeah, their project was having potluck and it was immense fun eating the food. 

Returned home to finish off mu Upma which I had prepared for dinner for myself. Finished it off with one glass of milk.

After that surfing net, removing files from laptop, packing my bags (yeah my dad n sis coming tomorrow , will be with them for next days before returning back to Bangalore life of mine).

Still in two minds thinking whether to go for interview in job consultancy or not.

All of a sudden feeling lazy n tired.

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