Is it lull before a storm?

Suddenly everything is quiet and still. No news or anything happening. Did I finally achieve peace and solitude which I craved for? Did I finally manage to get rid of fair weather friends and distractions? Should I feel happy that I have finally the mental peace and can divert my energy to my hobbies and my favorites? I’m not sure still.

In personal front, it’s surely a good sign maybe.

But on professional front? No training happening, no news of me being put in production happening. It seems like they are deliberately making me do time pass for some reason. I can’t fathom why?

When on other hand they are saying they have requirements but not allowing more people to join production too.

Are they chucking me out just for the heck of it or wasting my time so that I quit?

It’s evident they have no intention of making people permanent especially when they can get cheap labor as contractors.

Hmm….Just waiting and watching

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