Life falling on to a routine

Life is falling into some routine of sorts nowadays. Most predictable and settled during weekdays it seems. 

Here is the brief:-

8-9 AM :- Wake up, wash clothes (optional), get ready for office.

9-9.15 – Call home , board cab

9.15-10.15 – Listen to radio, read library book, chat with fellow cab-mates

10.15-10.45 – Reach office, buy coffee from Auo Bon Pain and read newspaper in the lobby

10.45-12 – login to system, greet collegues, get briefed up on work n all

12-12.30 – Go through mails, go to breakout 

1.30 – Lunch

2-6 – Stare others systems as part of training

After 6 take small break and again continue staring at the monitor

8.30 Rush towards lift for going to the parking lot

8.30-850 Board cab, call home, send some sms

Till 9.30 :- listen to cab radio, chat wid cab-mates

Post 9.30 :- Freshen up, speak to dad for sometime, watch TV, cook food, prepare bed, wash clothes, surf net, blog

By 1 – Go to bed

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