Trainer at Y!nc

Well, initially we all were taken for a ride when he said that he was in senior profile and completed 5 yrs in company and knew everything. We thought we got real good trainer. In time we found that he’s bluffing and wasn’t giving best training 😩
I completed 1.5 months and still without training in office.
People around knows the same and still rubs salt in wounds đŸ˜„

Y! training?

Got a trainer on first day of joining itself.

In between completing on boarding formalities, I was attending training session with 3 old joiners.

Others were having 2-3 weeks headstart and they had progressed further.

Was asked to catch up from them and do self study from loads of PDF / Word docs ( mostly useless stuff ) by the trainer.


First week at Y!

It was good and memorable.

From pleasant intros to helpful colleagues, the transition was smooth.

Liked the new relaxed and open environment and opportunity to ineract with all levels in the org without any hassles.

It was a welcome change to see people ineracting with management / HR / etc with such ease.

So far so good.

Let’s see what’s in store in here.

New journey begins….

Between Dec 7th to 15th @ ASPL

Well, those were some days which you would not be able to forget easily.

People usually go out of their way to make you feel happy and relaxed as you are nearing an end.

But, here it was different.

They went out of their way to make it nasty, unpleasant and unbearable.

So that when you leave, you have bitter after taste and would think twice re-joining the company after couple of years.

Whether you are keeping well or not, whether you have some resigning formalities to take care of…no one cares.

But they want you around to finish off their work and unburden them.

But expect no one around you to help you with yours.

Learnt who was fake and who were real and genuine during the last 1 week.

I’m not proud of saying that i was part of AC and it used to be my dream to join AC when I was in my college.

Life changed……..

Time to move on……..

1 month @ Y!

Today I complete 1 month in new company.

I feel the same as I felt on first day.

I stand where I started from.

WIthin this period I didn’t receive any training and didn’t receive any access / credentials for working.

I’m visiting office to access gmail / facebook / LinkedIn.

Talk about utilizing free time or killing time or becoming internet junkie.

For a change don’t feel like being online but work on tools / undergo training.

Anybody listening here?