rajni bulb

It’s plain bad luck or she repels light bulbs…as whenever fuse goes out she’s the one around or she breaks the news to us.

As our land lady is a witch and doesn’t want to foot bill for bulbs in kitchen and bathroom its the girls who has to pool in money to buy one.

And she would be the first one to say no to pooling money and contributing and always have to make things difficult.

Not to mention taking responsibilities and buying bulb for a change.

shalini water

She doesn’t like water sports but she likes taking bath and drinking gallons of water.

Not to mention using water for washing clothes everyday twice.

That’s her daily routine.

Take bath 5-6 times a day, wash clothes 2-3 times and dring 5 litres of water.

Oh and yes, turn on the taps of bathrooms and kitchen and fall of asleep and flood entire building.

Water tap open and overflows

Well, at times during summer months or when there is tank maintenance taking place in the buliding taps go dry. t can be around any time, without any notice. One has to be constantly on toes checking if water is there or not and keep all buckets / drum full.

And on top of that, my room mate Shalini has to take bath at the drop of hat.

It doesn’t matter if water is there or not or if others need water or bathroom.

She wants everything her way and loves shirking responsibilty and troubling others.

So, early morning around 4 AM when she turns up from office she takes bath and turns on the tap so that water can fill the drum / buckets.

And she falls asleep.

Around 8-9 AM water flows and fills all the containers, and after that overflowing starts.

If anyone is around, can turn off the taps other wise GOD save us.

Once entire room and almost house was flooded. Thankfully our stuff got spared and finally somehow some one closed the taps and saved the day.

It took more than a day to drain out water from everywhere and to get rid of damp watery feeling

Quiet, lazy, relaxed and unique Sunday

It is always, what’s so special about today?

Well, I created my profile on Jeevansathi today and successfully edited my Shaadi profile which I created for myself, in response to dad’s Bharat Matrimony profile created.

Slept till late 11:30 AM and woke up tp watch 2 movies back to back on Colors – Inkaar and Table No 21.

In between had lunch and tea and took bath to watch awards shows on Colors and surfing net for creating profiles on matrimony sites and updating my wordpress blog.

Spoke to Srividya after a week maybe, it’s always feels nice talking to her. 

Shaadi Shock!

Last Sunday, got a call from dad informing I will be getting a call from a person who showed interest in my profile?

I was like WHAT?

Then he divulges further saying that he created my profile in bengali matrimony half an hr back.

Then he insists that I will be getting married next yr but there is no harm in talking to people.

And the worst of it all, the guy turns out to be a complete jerk who was doing time pass and was interested in bfs and love life..duh..<on mine not his and doesn’t want to say anouthing about him but insists that we know each other. WTF>

Some Saturday it was today

It’s quiet and stillness around. Is it a lull before a storm or everyone got the message that I don’t like getting disturbed for stupid reasons, and have a life of my own?

I am clueless and still getting idea!

No calls..no sms….not even FROM HOME even…..am I dreaming?