2013 bday celebration

This year it started off with no sms and no phone calls at 12 midnight. I logged in to company mailbox for applying leave on my bday to get a nice image wishing me happy bday which i uploaded a little bit earlier.

There was no emails / facebook wall posts / sms from anyone wishing me bday.

Around 8 am in morning got sms from my dad wishing me happy bday.

Around noon my sister called me up to sing a bday song.

Was annoyed and angry and had a hard time keeping my anger in check and celebrating the day.

Went out and bought a silver ring, had greek chicken sandwich from one new fancy greek outlet, took the blore metro, took some pics and returned back to pg.

Had chocolates and britannia cake and quiet dinner from PG and ended the day.

One weird and unconventional bday with low note and doing little bit fun.

Partly maybe I was feeling weak and sick and pre occupied and lost.

In all this I went to Hanuman temple to thank God for everything 🙂

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