Water tap open and overflows

Well, at times during summer months or when there is tank maintenance taking place in the buliding taps go dry. t can be around any time, without any notice. One has to be constantly on toes checking if water is there or not and keep all buckets / drum full.

And on top of that, my room mate Shalini has to take bath at the drop of hat.

It doesn’t matter if water is there or not or if others need water or bathroom.

She wants everything her way and loves shirking responsibilty and troubling others.

So, early morning around 4 AM when she turns up from office she takes bath and turns on the tap so that water can fill the drum / buckets.

And she falls asleep.

Around 8-9 AM water flows and fills all the containers, and after that overflowing starts.

If anyone is around, can turn off the taps other wise GOD save us.

Once entire room and almost house was flooded. Thankfully our stuff got spared and finally somehow some one closed the taps and saved the day.

It took more than a day to drain out water from everywhere and to get rid of damp watery feeling

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