mvj college tour

Went to visit the college on 21-04-2012 from 9.30 AM to 12.30 PM.

College was spacious and spread over large area.

Facilities, faculty and college seemed good.

Now the downside, security wise it is as good as jail.

They want original certificates for 4 years and wont give admission without bribe (damn merit and scores of entrance exams)

Crowd mostly from south india and food is south indian.

WIthin an hr I understood my sister won’t be able to survive 4 hrs, forget 4 years.

I rejected the college on behalf of my sis and dad.

tapas C

Well, he is my maternal uncle that i know.

Apart from that, we never bonded and he was pretty much absconding in our lives to remember him and recollect any fond memories.

From what I have heard from my late mom and other relatives, he was a complete jerk who loved swindling people of their money, is selfish, had 2 wives (didnt divorce any…and had two daughters too :O)

Whenever he had any selfish reason / work from any relaive he mysteriously reappears in their lives asking for help/advice.

Still remember, when in mother’s deathbed when he turned up asking for job for his daughter from me instead of offering condolence.

Never forgot and won’t forgive…

prison diaries – jeffrey archer

Phew, the books are in demand I must say. Whether it’s office library or JustBooks, I just don’t get the book.

Made rounds every day, every week, every month to get the books for reading.

The wait was worth it and the trouble paid off

I finally managed to get hold of the books and read them.

Except for repetitive sentences and a drag here and there, the books were awesome.

false impression jeffrey archer

Loved the book

Usually I’m in for suspense and thriller, but he’s an exception case.

Love reading all his books.

Have been able to read quite a few, usually the later ones.

I still have loads of reading to catch up on….his earlier works…and other authors too….

Meeting Archer : Missed due to stupid office work

Lord jeffrey archer comes to blore. My favorite author.

My heart was in MG road bookstore where he was supposed to come.

Whole day i was absent minded and was checking the clock.

But, my bosses had some other plans.

Made me run stupid errands and do stuff which i am not interested in.

And the chance was missed 😦