Woke up late and had puri- aloo sabji as breakfast and after 2 hrs around 12 noon had egg curry and rice as lunch. Got ready and started re-packing sister’s stuff in new bag and left around 1:30 for Howrah station for making sister board bhubaneswar train. it was due for departure around 2:30 pm but turned up around 2:40 PM in station. By 3 PM we were stuck in traffic outside station and was hoping that we are on time for my flight which was supposed to leave by 4:45 and i had to report by 4 in airport. Was stuck in traffic around an hr near Howrah and then it took god amount of time to reach airport too. Not to mention evading security in salt lake stadium where IPL opening ceremony was due in another 3 hrs. By 4:30 I was inside airport and I missed the flight. Booked another flight via Mumbai for 6 PM by shelling 4k extra. And by 11 I was in Blr. Booked a cab and reached pg by 12:30 am and by another hr I was done unpacking and falling off asleep. Wishing that I can wake up by 6:30 sp that I don’t miss my cab and office next day.

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