New goals…

  • Get a new better paying job
  • buy a house / studio apartment / whichever catches fancy…a space of my OWN
  • some casual flirty gold / pearl / silver jewellery
  • nice vacation somewhere on planet earth
  • investing and learning the trick of investing


long order……………….. 

Lazy sunday at home

Watched 3 movies back to back at home after waking up late in the morning.

Hogged like crazy the entire day…whether it’s cake…mangoes…sweets……

Not to mention avoiding calls / sms from cousin bro and surfing net for applying to new jobs in naukri/monster….to viewing groom profiles in shaadi….and now blogging entire moron stuff online on wordpress….

I’m definitely NUTS

Something borrowed

Yeah that’s the movie I watched today.

It wasn’t there on my to do list today.

Accidentally happened to land to star world and after watching for 10-15 mins I liked it.

It was good.

Light and breezy, wonder what would I do if I ever fall into such situation in my life ….dring my wedding time..if it happens 😀

Fingers crossed..time to toss such stuff out of my head…as my dad just dropped he bombshell that he ain’t doing groom hunting before durga pujas.

Phew….for next 3-4 months no C.I.R.C.U.S…..happy…happy

6 months in Y

Yeah, I completed 6 months here.

Nowhere I feel a sense of achievement and making myslef useful/ or my knowledge being used here

Looks like my mind is becoming idle more by the day and needs some whirl/momentum …..some excitement…some sense of accomplishment….time to switch companies?


Yeah I joined Amway too. That too on insistence of my school friend Polo on buying stuff at distributor rate.

I wanted some Nutrilite stuff and joined for the same.

Mighty happy that it was smooth and the food supplements I bought so far dad and sis is good and they are continuing using the products 🙂 

2nd moth with Oriflame

This is presently my second month.

I brought the catalog home and both myself and my sister shopped for 1800 bucks without batting an eyelid.

Looks like I’m becoming shopaholic and spendthrift day by day.

Time to control my splurges and do some investing eh 😉

Oriflame happens

It’s all because of my sister it happened. She tried few products and was happy with the outcome.

I checked the site and was impressed with the reasonable rates and members getting cool 20% discount.

Left a message on the site and got contacted within 2-3 weeks and became member by April end.

Joining was smooth.

Now the problem started of buying products worth 1250/- every month 😦

No way I could buy so many products on my own for myself only.

Thankfully pg-mates and office people and came to rescue 🙂

I bought the products in catalog price and pocketed 20% discount and shopped like crazy 🙂

It’s fun earning in shopping. Not to mention looking good and feeling great at the same time 🙂