3rd day @ home

Yeah, you read it correct. I’m in my home in Kolkata for past three days.

Landed here on Sunday night and I’m feeling low and not having happy goody feeling which I used to have earlier.

Slowly and steadily it’s loosing charm it seems.

Looks the pile of bad memories are increasing and heavy and sorrow feeling making me stay away from the once-upon-a-time-happy-cheerful home-sweet-home

Looks like I’m completely disconnected cut out from outside world here with no interest or desire for anything…as if life is getting sucked from me….

Never felt like this before….not in home….which used to be safe and happy and cozy abode of mine…

Looks like there is no home for me anymore and I have to find myself a new happy place for me….

There’s nothing left for me..slowly and steadily everything is getting erased….mom’s memories…happiness which used to reside in this address…


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