Yeh Jaawani hai deewani

Awesome movie, I simply loved it. Watched it yesterday with my sister at Fame, Hiland Park, Kolkata. 

Somewhere I was connected. 

Deepika reminded of me at times and I remembered the person I let go during college.

Only difference, is that he never came back :/

And both of us are in our own worlds living happily….

It was sweet and mesmerizing, don’t mind watching the movie again 🙂

Accompanied with nachos, pepsi and sandwich during movie and following it up with Tandori chcken, reshmi murgh kakab, jeera aloo, butter naan and softie at food court….the evening was fabulous 🙂

Fully enjoyed the sisters evening out sans dad and mobile phone 🙂

Psst…yeah the battery died out sometime during movie and we realized later that our phones were switched off for good 🙂

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