Sudden changes………….

Out of the blue, one my team leads sent fb friend request. After adding him, he requested for meeting up and then conversation happened and it seemed as if he’s enjoying company and all was good.
He was nice, funny, caring as always he was in office….but with few changes this time.
It never occurred that he would be interested in eating out, watching movies and shopping like gf-bf everyday and would insist on meeting. Gave him a slip next day for some reason and it’s been almost 2 weeks that I haven’t met him.
But he’s being persistent with messages on fb and mobile asking about details and insisting on spending evenings out. I doing the right thing?
Not sure, but spending every evening out and blowing money on stuff which I don’t want to doesn’t appeal to my conscience either.
I would happily like ot trade it with some gifts, holiday or relaxing spa maybe.

The other trouble is with a kashmiri married muslim in office who seems nosy and asking personal questions lately, still figuring a way out of how to make him mind his own business…….

Ohh…not to boss’s boss suddenly barging in and making us attend meetings for nothing…he is biased towards girls and believes we sleep entire day in office…that’s a different ting the reports reflect otherwise and he’s not interested in having a look to…but insists on receiving reports anyways…what a jerk

At home since Wednesday…

Woke up early on Wednesday with bad tummy upset. Thought of work from home but almost no work happened, not to mention the tummy pain and occasional visits to the bathroom.
Took sick leave next day and slept whole day and watching tv.
Next day was spent visiting HR consultancy firm, eating at CCD, visiting bank and roaming around a bit.
Saturday was spent pampering myself on parlor followed by nice biryani combo dinner from Ammmi’s biryani
Today was just finishing usual daily chores like washing clothes, taking care of myself, gossiping with girls from other rooms in the pg and watching TV.
Oh not to mention avoiding one Mallu sup from previous company like a plague, as he seems too nice and insisting on spending every evening with me out…either dining or watching movie or clubbing….which is upsetting my other plans/work


Suddenly I realize I completed 100 posts and every time I publish one post, WordPress is giving me the count and giving nice quote…Not that I’m complaining but its flattering.
Never imagined that I would be able to complete 100 posts…that too when I blog irregularly and when I’m full with emotions…and feel like expressing it online on my online diary 🙂
Yeah, looks like it has become kind of my daily journal

Sisters drifting apart

Lately I’m remembering my late mom’s promise asking me to be with my sister through thick and thin and also warning me that it would be difficult and I have to keep trying.
For some weeks, it seems like mom’s fears are coming true.
My sister went completely AWOL
Neither she is picking up calls or text messages but she is not answerable too.
Even Dad and Meera can’t make her come to phone.
All I can hear that she is busy either watching tv or eating junk food or busy shopping or spending time in front of computer.
Once in a while it will be dad complaining about growing bills of her shopping and eating and asking me to be frugal and save money.
What the heck…she can blow money and I can indulge myself on my own money….
Looks like my promise is going to get broken as one of the sister is unresponsible and unresponsive.
And the best part, we never fought…last I remember I sent a courier of stuff which she wanted…
This is annoying…even I don’t have a sis around to talk too….life’s becoming lonelier.

Wedding bells and groom hunting everywhere

Lately I’m hearing from my girl pals that they can’t come out as some guy and his family is turning up home for seeing.
Whether it’s Bangalore or Chandigarh…scene is same. the guy friends too are facing the same problem.
Thankfully my Facebook is not flooded with marriage and engagement pics….and that’s a welcome relief.
However I do see people holidaying in either some romantic or exotic or foreign locations….and I’m yearning for a vacation lately.
But with rains in full force, I’m unable to make my mind where to head to.
And yes, I’m rethinking my decision whether to visit my hometown for durga puja as my dad and sis would be yapping about marriage and chances are there I might end up seeing few guys and their families too.
Hmmm….life’s becoming awful by the minute….why can’t I stay like a free bird?

Jamai sashthi weekend

On Thursday, Polo called for shopping.
Left office early and headed for Tin Factory, met her near Dominos and headed for Byapanahalli Metro Station.
We boarded the train and left for M G Road.
On the way she told, her hubby wants her to shop for her mom. And she was thinking of buying shoes/slippers and bag for her.
On the way saw Soch, and there was 15% sale.
Told her we can go and do some window shopping.
After much persuasion, we stepped inside and were bowled over by the collection and designs.
She decided on buying one for her mom and one for herself. We spent whopping 2k on sarees.
After that, we bought Osho chappals for ourselves, had momos and roamed around a bit.
We chanced upon Nando’s and persuaded her to go and have something.
Food was sort of starters like and was good, but the final bill wasn’t. Found it tad overpriced with three levels of taxes and god knows what.
We headed her home and spent the rest of the evening arguing on sarees, what to do next day…deciding on menu..for good-for-nothing jamai on the D day.
Friday was spent by having luchi alur dam for breakfast, gossiping for hours and then deciding to visit Shiv temple in total mall for praying.The night’s dinner was heavy with prawns, fish and chicken.
Saturday was spent going for long drive round the city and then rest of the day participating in husband-wife-in laws fighting and trying to diffuse the tension.
Sunday came and office occupied my day.
Left for pg after office and the weird and awesome weekend ended

Sudden unknown fear and panic

For past few days, I’m thinking about mom, missing closest friends and reviewing my old bold decisions made in my life which has defined me….be it choosing career, saying no to seniors who asked me out etc etc.

Suddenly fearing about future, with whom I would be landing up with if I get married….is the bitch papri getting a place in our homes….hidden dangers lurking around in the name of relatives, friends…

Am I aging emotionally too fast….or all my fears untrue.

So helpless and trapped that I don’t know whom to confide to…and share my thoughts and feelings…