At home since Wednesday…

Woke up early on Wednesday with bad tummy upset. Thought of work from home but almost no work happened, not to mention the tummy pain and occasional visits to the bathroom.
Took sick leave next day and slept whole day and watching tv.
Next day was spent visiting HR consultancy firm, eating at CCD, visiting bank and roaming around a bit.
Saturday was spent pampering myself on parlor followed by nice biryani combo dinner from Ammmi’s biryani
Today was just finishing usual daily chores like washing clothes, taking care of myself, gossiping with girls from other rooms in the pg and watching TV.
Oh not to mention avoiding one Mallu sup from previous company like a plague, as he seems too nice and insisting on spending every evening with me out…either dining or watching movie or clubbing….which is upsetting my other plans/work

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