Jamai sashthi weekend

On Thursday, Polo called for shopping.
Left office early and headed for Tin Factory, met her near Dominos and headed for Byapanahalli Metro Station.
We boarded the train and left for M G Road.
On the way she told, her hubby wants her to shop for her mom. And she was thinking of buying shoes/slippers and bag for her.
On the way saw Soch, and there was 15% sale.
Told her we can go and do some window shopping.
After much persuasion, we stepped inside and were bowled over by the collection and designs.
She decided on buying one for her mom and one for herself. We spent whopping 2k on sarees.
After that, we bought Osho chappals for ourselves, had momos and roamed around a bit.
We chanced upon Nando’s and persuaded her to go and have something.
Food was sort of starters like and was good, but the final bill wasn’t. Found it tad overpriced with three levels of taxes and god knows what.
We headed her home and spent the rest of the evening arguing on sarees, what to do next day…deciding on menu..for good-for-nothing jamai on the D day.
Friday was spent by having luchi alur dam for breakfast, gossiping for hours and then deciding to visit Shiv temple in total mall for praying.The night’s dinner was heavy with prawns, fish and chicken.
Saturday was spent going for long drive round the city and then rest of the day participating in husband-wife-in laws fighting and trying to diffuse the tension.
Sunday came and office occupied my day.
Left for pg after office and the weird and awesome weekend ended

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