Sisters drifting apart

Lately I’m remembering my late mom’s promise asking me to be with my sister through thick and thin and also warning me that it would be difficult and I have to keep trying.
For some weeks, it seems like mom’s fears are coming true.
My sister went completely AWOL
Neither she is picking up calls or text messages but she is not answerable too.
Even Dad and Meera can’t make her come to phone.
All I can hear that she is busy either watching tv or eating junk food or busy shopping or spending time in front of computer.
Once in a while it will be dad complaining about growing bills of her shopping and eating and asking me to be frugal and save money.
What the heck…she can blow money and I can indulge myself on my own money….
Looks like my promise is going to get broken as one of the sister is unresponsible and unresponsive.
And the best part, we never fought…last I remember I sent a courier of stuff which she wanted…
This is annoying…even I don’t have a sis around to talk too….life’s becoming lonelier.

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