Sudden changes………….

Out of the blue, one my team leads sent fb friend request. After adding him, he requested for meeting up and then conversation happened and it seemed as if he’s enjoying company and all was good.
He was nice, funny, caring as always he was in office….but with few changes this time.
It never occurred that he would be interested in eating out, watching movies and shopping like gf-bf everyday and would insist on meeting. Gave him a slip next day for some reason and it’s been almost 2 weeks that I haven’t met him.
But he’s being persistent with messages on fb and mobile asking about details and insisting on spending evenings out. I doing the right thing?
Not sure, but spending every evening out and blowing money on stuff which I don’t want to doesn’t appeal to my conscience either.
I would happily like ot trade it with some gifts, holiday or relaxing spa maybe.

The other trouble is with a kashmiri married muslim in office who seems nosy and asking personal questions lately, still figuring a way out of how to make him mind his own business…….

Ohh…not to boss’s boss suddenly barging in and making us attend meetings for nothing…he is biased towards girls and believes we sleep entire day in office…that’s a different ting the reports reflect otherwise and he’s not interested in having a look to…but insists on receiving reports anyways…what a jerk

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