Wedding bells and groom hunting everywhere

Lately I’m hearing from my girl pals that they can’t come out as some guy and his family is turning up home for seeing.
Whether it’s Bangalore or Chandigarh…scene is same. the guy friends too are facing the same problem.
Thankfully my Facebook is not flooded with marriage and engagement pics….and that’s a welcome relief.
However I do see people holidaying in either some romantic or exotic or foreign locations….and I’m yearning for a vacation lately.
But with rains in full force, I’m unable to make my mind where to head to.
And yes, I’m rethinking my decision whether to visit my hometown for durga puja as my dad and sis would be yapping about marriage and chances are there I might end up seeing few guys and their families too.
Hmmm….life’s becoming awful by the minute….why can’t I stay like a free bird?

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