Couldn’t figure an appropriate title so dated it 😀

Today morning felt very sleepy and woke up late for getting ready to office.

Woke up at 6:45 Am after making my clock go snooze couple of times.

Took crisply masala dosa from PG kitchen and waited for cab.

It was 7:25 AM and there was neither call or sight of cab near my PG.

Called up reception to remind about my cab pick up.

After reaching office, Mads wasn’t there..her best friend Ash on Work-from-home

Best part was email from lead in which there was moderate amount of work.

As annoying people weren’t around, work went smoothly and fast..unexpected.

Also today was the day when all new joiners joined our office.

The headcount was 100+ but it was the parents in office who stole the show.

Parents count exceeded new joiners count 😀

Entire office was decorated with balloons and it wore a happy birthday sorts of look 🙂

Ambience was so nice and felt good seeing all smiles and happy/nervous/new faces around.

Even cafeteria was full with new joiners and parents…pretty cool..for a change we were searching for place to sit or look at the menu.

Post lunch, day went very slow and slowly it was 3:30.

A team meeting was called, which felt like ditching.

Signed out of communicator, and didn’t go to the meeting.

No one searched for me or called or mail was sent…and was thrilled on revolting 😀

Then realized I was on my notice period, who will care in the first place?

For a change the meeting was on deciding team outing on coming friday…and so on..trivial stuff..who cares?

Logged off at usual time at 4:10 PM, came home..washed clothes..prayed for some time and took small nap

Woke up by 8 PM, watched TV, ate dinner and now blogging.. 😀

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