Drifting apart…..

After disastrous home trip for 2 weeks in May’2014, felt real good coming to back to PG. PG felt like home and spent time mending my broken heart.

Was shocked seeing my sister’s attitude and the way she felt about me.

She didn’t stood by me 😦

I felt alone 😦

She sounded selfish and I’m supposed to butter her up and give her presents to gain her favor or to make her speak to me 😦

She doesn’t consider me as my sister and doesn’t want to talk to me..treating me the same way she treats outsiders / relatives / cousins / maidservants 😦

Suddenly realised that she is becoming closer to Paaapri and blackmailing dad too.

Dad also not sharing any stuff and only calling me up cribbing / complaining about trivial stuff (avoidable ones)

Suddenly feeling all alone …earlier had family..now i have none..as for Polo my school friend, she calls me up whenevr she wants to nag about her husband or in-laws, but sounds insensitive to my problems (shows indifference )…where do i go ? 😦

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