May 30th ‘ 2014

Since last night, feeling very restless and tense.

Took sick leave and was constantly on my edge.

Reason? Waiting for my new company offer letter and their response on accepting my 60 days notice period in my present organisation.

After couple of emails back and forth, they finally agreed and revised my date of joining on 29th July and asked me to resign….the last email exchange was in the evening :S

Phew..entire day spent on being anxious and wasting the day doing nothing.

Annoyed yet felt liberated.

Finally an offer for getting out of present hell hole.

After sending my resignation, my boss pretended to ignore and had to approach my HR to get it approved.

Imagine my annoyance, when i was asked, “What should we do to keep you here?” instead of rolling out better offer.

I wasn’t sure of quitting, but hearing the sentence from my boss as part of exit formality I made up my mind to quit…as it meant I had no chance of hike / promotion from their end..and I will slogging as usual.

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