Loosing focus

Another 3.5 months to go before I turn 30….and still there are miles to go.

I’m loosing liveliness, enthusiasm, motivation and slowly moving to lifeless state.

Not feeling sleepy, loosing appetite, slowly getting away from my passions – photography / travel / dance.

Need to do something and fast.

On top of it, I can only visit my own home based on the time/date intimated/set up by dad and not before…otherwise I’m supposed to provide business justification 😦 Super sad

My PG and strangers around are my new home and relatives 😦

In the name of relatives, one younger cousin bro keeps in touch during festivals for wishing

Best friends whom I try to think are close, remember me when they need help, but its never other way round.

Damn, I hope I don’t go to depression and find something to divert my mind out of such lousy things 😦

2.5 months and counting….

Yes, It’s ben 2.5 months that I’m out of Y! and have come to know many bad changes happened after that on my team. Lousiest Senior Mngr Naga became Director and cool and experienced Vijay sir is now under him 😦 V sad.

My team now fully into politics and ass-kissing and less work and more gossip happening.

As for myself, well I joined VF where from Senior Mngrs to HR all are clueless as to what’s happening in office or with the projects. Yeah, unbelievable yet true. Looks like I joined a pilot project which got shifted from different place and is still in its initial starting days.

Sat without work / system / access / training for around 2 months…without a care in the world…as no one was interested whether we were present or not.

Then when festival time was around corner, trainings started for name sake and all leaves/holidays went out of window. No approvals for either sick / casual / paid or festivals…super sad

Post Dussehra, went live and still going strong.

As new setup, no food arrangements, no proper cafeteria, no sick room, no library and no recreation room even.

For compensation, you get free company sim and few Ks in your first salary to buy new mobile <As if we weren’t surviving before this and we wanted such generous offer>

The biggest comedy is not a single person out of 100+ people on the floor are having more than 2 months experience and none got absorbed into the projects they were supposed to be in <which was offered during interview>

Also, it’s pointless trying to revolt, as no one cares.

At the end you would be doing what you didn’t wish to do.

I was supposed to be part of UM<non voice, sounded techie> but taking calls <as if I’m in call centre> non – UM related.

I’m now clueless and still figuring out what to do next.

Job search is still on and motivating myself everyday for going to the place of work LOL