Loosing focus

Another 3.5 months to go before I turn 30….and still there are miles to go.

I’m loosing liveliness, enthusiasm, motivation and slowly moving to lifeless state.

Not feeling sleepy, loosing appetite, slowly getting away from my passions – photography / travel / dance.

Need to do something and fast.

On top of it, I can only visit my own home based on the time/date intimated/set up by dad and not before…otherwise I’m supposed to provide business justification 😦 Super sad

My PG and strangers around are my new home and relatives 😦

In the name of relatives, one younger cousin bro keeps in touch during festivals for wishing

Best friends whom I try to think are close, remember me when they need help, but its never other way round.

Damn, I hope I don’t go to depression and find something to divert my mind out of such lousy things 😦

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