Love them 🙂 Especially roses.

Suddenly I’m into flowers and all my clothes having floral prints.

I’m liking floral Deos / perfumes.

Going girly or loosing my tomboyish streak as I’m getting older <wondering>

Hairy tales

Suddenly I’m having the feeling that I’m losing my hair to age and dandruff.

Also as dad searching for me, my Mr. Right (or complete Wrong – whatever) the proposals also have hair problems.

Too bad!

Would like the crush whom I met once in Mumbai at my friend’s flat having silky hair to appear once or show up in proposal selection (one wild hope) 😉 – It would be nice.

Now that hair is dominating an entire blog post, waxing is taxing.

Why don’t guys get the same along with eyebrows done too….they would finally understand the pains we girls endure…not to mention it would be nice as well 😉 🙂 Asking for too much, ain’t I?

A girl can always hope 😉