About Me

An Aquarian woman, trying to make sense in this confusing and chaotic world. Trying to put all my thoughts, daily life musings and experiences from my mind in my blog. All good, bad and ugly bared in front of the world. Sharing all my joys and sorrows with people whom I have never met, never seen but hoping to connect somewhere emotionally. I am a dreamer, optimist and fighting every minute every day for survival, trying to go nearer to my goals and realising my dreams. I like knowing people, drawing, taking pictures, experimenting cooking at times, watching movies and surfing net for hours. I like playing Fairies-Yahoo Game and FreeCell card game on my laptop. I like reading books too. I am straight-forward by nature which is taken as rudeness most of the time by people <sigh>.  I hate when people try to take advantage of other people’s emotions/ weakness for their own benefit and ungrateful people. I’m a truth-seeker and can at times see through lies of people <can’t explain how,may be gut-feeling>. I make it a point to learn from people, other people’s experiences whether good or bad and believe that every person/ situation has something to offer in terms of learning/ overcoming obstacles.

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