New changes

From phone to job to lifestyle change …. Many new things in these 2 months. I got gold chain and bracelet too from Tanishq. Slowly and steadily getting rid of unwanted people in my life …..including my own little sister. It’s been more than 2 months we’re out of touch. My dad says – keep ignoring her, when she needs something she will contact you :-O Imagine dad having such nice opinion and remaining chilled out…. Whatever

2.5 more weeks to go

I’m on my notice period. Counting my days. Finally it’s out and everyone knows that I’m leaving. Thank god that I have been able to keep this secret for 1.5 months. An achievement 🙂 Now the part to avoid those fraanship of my freenemies who are dying to know where I’m landing and my future plans. Nice to see the jealousy and surprise of people around. Feels like a celebrity 😉

Finally friday

Day was quiet and peaceful at office. Chose to sit at a different place than my usual one. Whole day had fun with new joiners and managed to leave early


. Was able to turn off polo’s request of spending weekend at her place giving excuse of having office:-) Ordered chicken noodles and chilli chicken for dinner. Stayed up late till 3 am in morning with Sony speaking about her family, relatives and work (she was drunk btw).

New LED Tivo in ma room :D ….koooooooool

Yeah, cousin of my PG owner’s son broke our room lock and replaced with brand new LED TV.

We didn’t ask for it, but after seeing the TV didn’t bother seeing if anything was missing from room either.

As loads of stuff are strewn inside, don’t know where to start from …not to mention feeling lazy too 😀

Day went well, must say.

Inspite of network issues in office, managed to finish my work, buy new phone cum TV in room …n inner peace 🙂

All’s well 😀